2021 -02-17 Hippo project

The structural dimensioning and strength calculations have been performed for the new

“Electric Water Cleaning Catamaran type HE 126” (HIPPO) – workboat intended for water pollution cleaning.

Equivalent von Misses stress distribution in frame hull (made of aluminum alloy) is below allowable stress limit 160 MPa

Weight reduction percentage is summarized in Table C1.

 FEM Model Weight [kg]Weight of  frame spacingWeight Reduction %Max von Mises Stress [MPa]
Basic Model A1048.8  209.76  N/AN/A
Model C1933.14  188.63  10.07108 < 160 (limit)
Model C2905.5  181.10  13.66121 < 160 (limit)

Tab. C1 Results of optimization and reduction of thickness

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